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Different types of WordPress hosting

When it comes to WordPress website hosting, there are several ways you can do it.

The route that you chose depends on your technical abilities, how much time you’re able to spend on technical “stuff” and how much budget you’ve got.

Do it all yourself

  • Cheap
  • You have full of control over your site’s configuration
  • There are lots of VPS hosting companies to choose from
  • You’re responsible for the site’s backups and security
  • If the site goes down for some reason, you might not know about it until a customer brings it to your attention

Managed hosting

  • Very fast page load speeds because the site is optimised for the provider’s servers
  • Software updates and backups should be implemented for you
  • Good managed hosting providers will also monitor your site’s online status, and fix problems if the site goes down
  • If you like to tinker with plugins and themes, you might undo some of the managed optimisations by mistake
  • A bit more expensive than cheap do-it-yourself hosting

Agency hosted

  • Single point-of-contact for design changes and hosting issues
  • Convenient billing
  • Agencies tend to concentrate more on how a site looks than on its technical health
  • Usually more expensive than if you arrange the hosting yourself

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