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WordPress Admin Dashboard Widget

When you create a new WordPress site on the Headwall servers, it will automatically include the Admin Dashboard Widget. You can use this dashboard widget to control backup/restore, the update schedule, protection services and some additional features.

Backup & Restore

The Dashboard Widget’s main purpose is for controlling backups and updates.

If your website is a shop with mainly European customers, then you’ll probably want to do things like updates and backups at something like 2am Paris time. But, if your shop mainly serves customers in the USA, but you run your site on London time, then maybe 5 am GMT is a better time for updates and backups.


You should leave all the Protections enabled unless you’re working on your website. Maybe creating an extension to your theme, or working on a custom plugin. If you disable the protections then you will receive automatic updates reminding you to enable them again.

The Spam protection hooks into Contact Form 7 and WPForms to provide some protection against contact form spam.

The REST API option disables user enumeration for users who are not logged-in to your website.

Headwall WordPress Admin Widget
Admin Dashboard Widget

WooCommerce GEO-IP

The WC GEO-IP option can give you more accurate geographic IP location data for helping with your customer checkout stage. It’s entirely optional, and is an alternative to the MaxMind integration that WooCommerce offers as standard.

Fancy login

This is purely cosmetic, and helps to make your site’s wp-login.php page a bit… fancier. For more information, there’s some useful info in this wp-login.php WordPress tutorial.


Add SVG and JSON upload support to your site. This is useful for more modern logos and things like Lottie Animations. This just uses the standard WordPress upload_mimes filter to allow the two new upload types.

InformationYou should leave this switched-off unless you need it, because there are security considerations regarding SVG files.

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