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WordPress Hosting Extra

  • Automatic Daily Backup
  • Automatic Daily Updates
  • 10 GB SSD Disk
  • 150 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • SSL Security Built-In
  • Up to 3 Websites
  • Super Fast Page Load

The WordPress Extra package is perfect for…

  • High-Traffic Blog or magazine
  • Medium Online Shop
  • Image-intensive Website
  • Running a Busy Bulletin Board Forum

InformationThis package will cover most requirements, even reasonably busy shops that sell internationally. But… if you’ve got particularly heavy traffic, or you need to be able to hand large spikes in traffic, you’ll probably need our WordPress Heavy Bandwidth package or maybe your own server.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

  • The system will automatically backup your entire website (including database) to an off-site data-centre every 24 hours.
  • We automatically update WordPress for you so you are ALWAYS using the latest and most secure version.
  • We also automatically update all your plug-ins and themes for you every day.
    • Any security vulnerabilities in your site are plugged as soon as fixes are made available.
  • We NEVER insert adverts into your website… ever! Your website looks and works exactly as you want it to.
    • You can insert adverts into your own website though, if you want to, of course!
  • We do the SSL/TLS (padlock in your browser) security for you and renew it automatically (via Lets Encrypt).
  • Low resource contention.
    • We don’t cram hundreds of websites onto each of ours servers, so your website will be fast and responsive.

Help if you need it

  • Our team can help you configure your domain name if you need help with the technical side of things.
  • We can also help you migrate and validate your existing WordPress site.
  • If you’re not quite sure how to get things started then our team are here to help.
  • Check out our WordPress guides & tutorials to help you get started.